Completed Concept Design – Gonzales Residence, Philadelphia

Completed Concept Design – Gonzales Residence (PDF)

  • Craig Head


    I just discovered your website and I am enjoying it.

    I am a real estate agent in Toronto and I too get frustrated with some of the layouts that I see. I think to myself,”what were the developers thinking?” I can certainly refer to this website so that my clients will know what bad and good layouts are. So thank you.
    Regarding the Gonzales residence, I just wanted to ask what is the item that is jutting out into the open dining area (at the far end of the left hand side of the kitchen counter)? Secondly, I didn’t quite get the layout of why the bed sits in the middle of the master bedroom. I think you’ve created a wall from floor to ceiling at the head of the bed????

    I will explore the site more in detail now that I’ve found you.

  • John Brown

    At the end of the counter there is a full height piece of millwork that is a pantry on one side (facing the kitchen)) and a linen closet on the other (facing the bedroom). To see what this might look like, watch the In Detail video segment date 04 17.

    In terms of the bedroom, the idea was to create a dressing space behind the bed. The element that the bed is sitting against could either be a drywall wall (with a storage unit on the other side) or an integrated piece of millwork that is finished the same on both sides.

    Thank you for referring our site to your clients. I am glad that you think that it will help them out.