Completed Concept Design – Wong Griffin Residence, Texas

Completed Concept Design – Wong Griffin Residence (PDF)

  • Danyel

    I just found you a few days ago, and the first time i entered i could see the video what’s wrong with this house, but now when i try to view anything it just ain’t appear anything on the screen and i can’t hit the play button, because i don’t see it. what should i do? thanks

  • John Brown

    This particular entry doesn’t have a video. It is just the final plan.

    If you are having this problem on other entries, the most probable reason is that there is a problem with flash as all of tour videos use it (like YouTube). Although I am sure there is a more elegant solution to fix it, go to to Youtube. If you can’t see any of the videos there will be a link that says “download Flash”. Do that. When you are able to view videos on YouTube you should be able to view ours.

    If this doesn’t work let us know and we will try to help.

  • Danyel

    I went to youtube and it works. As i told you, i have seen before one of your video, but now when i enter the site i just see where it supposed to be the video an empty white square. if you have any ideas what might be the problem i am waiting for them.