Cummings Bristol Residence – Kitchen Detail

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  • Brad W

    The Drew Mandel project at 83A Marlborough Avenue is exceptional in how it responds to the very narrow site.

    As noted, the kitchen is very successfully integrated into a central wall volume allowing stairs on one side and a transitional connection between the living space and dining space on the other.

    The real genius of this project is the use of vertical dimension to create space and light. A roof window and connecting bridge on the top floor allow light into the central kitchen space and provide infinite ceiling height.

  • Meg

    I really liked the ‘sliding shelves’ that Louis posted up yesterday. I’d never thought of accommodating a flat screen TV like that.

    It got me thinking about the possibility of sliding countertops. Take the Marlborough Av project. If you ever had to cook a three course meal in there you’d need more counter space and perhaps this could be accomodated by a moveable pull out countertop that would envelope round the units below the countertop.

    All the examples given were very sleek in design. I’ve saw one house once where they’d taken the millwork concept and put big bits of traditional furniture back to back to achieve the same functionality but in a far more traditional style, and used traditional furniture in clever configurations in kitchens.