Part 2 – Kent Residence

Completed Concept Design – Kent Residence (PDF)

Completed Concept Design – Kent Residence (JPEG)

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    How do you get the gas/electric out to the island for the stove? Do you just run a walk over cable system for that or do you actually notch the floor?

  • Doug Roberts

    John — kudos for thinking “outside the box”. Those of us who posted yesterday all felt compelled to keep the kitchen in its original location due to the inability to relocate the kitchen plumbing stack. I am kicking myself for failing to consider the possibility of tying the kitchen sink into the bathroom plumbing stack, which makes a lot of sense in this situation.

    One concern with both your plan and MichaelG’s plan from yesterday is that the bedroom area is away from the windows, and therefore does not have direct access to fresh air. Many people, myself included, like to sleep next to an open window, which in these plans would only be possible if you slept on the couch.

    MichaelG — congratulations on posting your first plan! But for the location of the kitchen your plan ended up being quite similar to what John has proposed. Well done!

  • James Scott

    John – I agree with Doug, too busy looking for trees. However I wonder about the height of your kitchen walls and the bedroom closet. Are they to the ceiling or do they terminate at 8 feet. I realize that in this case the bath is more of a service than a destination but any natural light would be a major bonus imho.

    And what would you do with the height of the entry?

  • Paul C

    Your experience is shining through, clever solution! Venting of the cook top would not be an impossibility but a nice challenge. End of the day it may end up along the wall with the fridge and sink. Minor thing, entry into the bed space could be handled a few ways maybe to give a little wall space for the living and closer access to the kitchen. Playing off your kitchen sink/bath stack piggy back, I attached a quick cut and paste, with an alternate kitchen orientation that may allow for an extendable dining table.


  • Brad W

    No solution from me this week as I am away on business.

    Kudos to John for his inventive loft-like solution.

  • MichaelG

    Wish I’d have thought to consolidate it all into one plumbing stack…
    Oh well, if I did think of that, my kitchen/dinning area would look remarkably similar to yours John, and my bathroom smaller. If I have the time, I would like to give my design a re-work.

  • John Brown

    This is the completed concept design for the Kent Residence.


  • Tina

    Mr. Kent will be delighted. It’s perfect.