Part 1 – 1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Arizona

1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Arizona (JPEG)
1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Arizona (PDF)

  • Grace

    What fun–your shirt and running into Doug. Happy New Year, John.

    What’s wrong: living behind the garage; jutting, angled kitchen counter; no coat closet in entry. Those are my top three.

  • jim baer


    greetings and happy new year to all.

    john. what fun to run into a regular and get a face to go with the name. and the shirt is terrific. go hockey!!

    attached are my redlines. (redlines … is that a hockey joke?)

    in general a fairly slow home i think, except for the fireplace! it has a ripple affect that screws up both the living room and kitchen. unfortunately a fireplace is usually a very difficult thing to change, so the house may not be salvageable without major expense.

  • Katrin

    Happy New Year, everyone. The organization of the bedrooms is good except for the closet on the wrong side of the master bath — and I would prefer one sink and more counter space. The biggest problem for me is the kitchen, which is cramped by the silly counter angle and has very little real work space — and no window. Not a cook’s kitchen, and definitely not for the two-cook family. Access to the outdoors feels limited, although with the western exposure that may be a good thing. And then there’s the fireplace problem. Overall, though, more slow than fast.

  • John Brown

    Thanks for the red line markup. I particularly like the annotated checklist. That is a very interesting methodology.

  • Mid Mo

    I know- Late! I see the second part is posted but I wanted to contribute.

    This is basically a slow home.

    Issues are: Not enough window space in bed 2.

    Halls are a bit too narrow near the kitchen.

    Kitchen. Not enough light to nook and may not make it to the kitchen area (is an interior kitchen ever desirable due to light concerns?). Kitchen angle is not helpful as there is loss of space. The dishwasher on the left side of the sink is hard… how many of us rinse the dish then place into the washer? I bet many and the majority is right and would prefer to use their right hand to do the task. Too many dining areas. Implied is a breakfast bar that can maybe fit 3. The nook looks tight and all I would attempt is a 36″ sqaure for four which leaves no room for food on the table.

    The dining room – only thing I would change there is make an opening to the entry – to the floor or halfway. Why close this space off so much?

    Great room feels a little big and the angled fireplace forces you to angle everything else as it is a focal point.

    Entries are poor. No front closet. Mud/laundry has this small closet that can fit maybe half of my family of 4′s coats. It also is tight. Not many can be in the room at one time.

    Master. I like the size and that it has two nice walls for furniture. Wish the room was at back and not side of home. Where are they supposed to put their linen? Under the sink?

    Since this plan does not seem to indicate a crawl or basement they need perhaps a bigger garage or more closet space for storage.