Part 1 – Taylor Residence – Upper Floor, Calgary

Part 1 – Taylor Residence, Calgary – Upper Floor (PDF)

  • John Brown

    Sorry everybody. Our graphic program hasn’t been set up just yet. You will have to make do with the pdf files again.

    Next week I promise!

  • Paul Cameron

    Hi John,
    My first take was there seem to be a lot of underutilized space and therefore I wondered what further features could be proposed. Relocated the master on the premise that maybe windows could be added to the side wall. Obviously this would be subject to condo bylaws.(Understanding this homes context relative to solar and or views/amenities would be a contributing factor with respect to the relocated master.)
    A second floor study accessed through the guest room, open to the stairwell would open up the internal stairwell. A dressing area for the master and two closets for the master. I attempted to keep the plumbing within the general area it exists to minimize disruption and it’s probably important that there be at least one tub in the home. A central laundry with storage and access directly from the master for convenience.

    BTW, the two accesses in the laundry room form part of the very important “circle route” required by all visiting grandchildren…

    A small request regarding the pdf’s, including a scale would be handy.

    Take care.


  • John Brown

    An interesting approach to switch the master to the back. I suppose the trade-off is the loss of the big sliding door opening and balcony (small as it is) in the master. In this scheme, the new master also has slightly less hanging space in the closet than before(in the brief the clients asked for more)although you do gain the new study space open to the stairs. Some good choices for the clients to consider.

    The new jpeg version of the exercises for next week will have a scale.

  • Robert Bierma

    I agree with paul that moving the master bedroom to the front of the house is the best option in this case, but as was pointed out this can’t be said for sure with out having a better understanding of the complete context

  • Paul Cameron

    Hi John,
    My thinking was that maybe the increase in clothes storage sought could be handled in a few different ways. In closet 1 for example the hanging would occur on the sides and shelving/drawers could be along the back wall. As well the additional storage in the laundry could be utilized. This may be a little unorthodox, but it would simplify doing the laundry by having some clothes storage in the same space.

  • John Brown

    Good point. I do like the accessibility of the laundry from the master closet.

  • Louis Pereira

    I focused on the lower right hand corner and simply moved the access into the MB closer to the top of the stairs. This did a few things:

    1. It cut down the size of the Master bedroom, which seemed larger than necessary.
    2. It allowed the removal of the awkward corner needed to access the Laundry Room.
    3. It dedicated more space to create an additional Closet and better functioning Ensuite and Guest Bath.
    4. Finally, the Guest Bedroom has much more flexibility to arrange furniture.


  • John Brown

    I particularly like the layout of the guest room. The built in millwork by the window adds the upstairs study function of Paul’s scheme without sacrificing the closet. (Although I have to say that I like the idea of the desk opening out into the stairway – not something I had considered).

    I also think your proposal to integrate additional millwork storage on either side of the headboard is also quite nice.