Part 1 – Wozney Residence, New York

Part 1 – Wozney Residence, New York (PDF)

  • Ann

    I am totally hooked to your website and can’t resist sending you my design for the Wozney residence. Again it is in Excel which is quite fiddly so I
    would be interested to try out any new software you come up with.

    My thinking behind the design is as follows:

    Hallway – I have left the hallway and cupboards the same as they provide good storage. The bathroom also remains the same as I can’t see it would be cost effective to do anything with it. I would however use mirrors as much as possible to increase the feeling of space.

    In the kitchen I have got rid of all the walls and that cupboard at the entrance but otherwise I have retained the C shape of the fitted kitchen as I think this gives maximum work surface. I have also reduced the space between the units freeing up more space to put a dining table in.

    In the lounge/dining area I have tried to maximise storage options. Also, I have deliberately used rounded tables as they help circulation when space is tight. I would recommend glass top tables as they give a lighter and more spacious feel. Both chairs in the bedroom are the same as the dining room chairs so they can be used for dining when required.

    I have moved the bedroom door and this achieves 2 things – it gives me a nice long wall to site my TV/Hifi unit against and also it means that the
    bedroom window is not blocked by the open door.

    In the bedroom I have tried to maximise the storage space and also orientated the bed so that there is a view out the window.

    As there are so few windows in this apartment, curtains should be avoided and blinds should be used instead to keep the look simple, light and open.

  • John Brown

    Thanks for sending in your comments and drawings so early in the process. It is great to see what you are thinking about before the second video segment for the project is released. I agree with many of the observations you have and it will be interesting to compare your design to mine after tomorrow.

  • Louis Pereira

    I’ve done similar things that Ann has suggested. i’ve also kept the main entry and bathroom layout as well as the ‘C’ configuration of the Kitchen.

    I noticed however there was no counter space between the stove and the fridge and therefore shifted the ‘new energy efficient’ Fridge to the right.

    I would consider another foot depth of counter to the base cabinets between the kitchen and Dining Room. This would allow for an additional row of 12″ depth floor mounted cabinets facing the Dining/Living Room for special china, dishes and so on – perhaps with clear or frosted glass doors and lighting. I agree, a round table in tight spots is definitely the way to go.

    Like Ann, i’ve also moved the Bedroom door. This was done to allow for a new closet/storage along the wall separating the Bathroom and Bedroom. The bed can now be closer to the window. The other benefit as suggested by Ann is a longer wall for media components.

    An in all, not such a bad plan to start with. As for saving costs, definitely maintaining existing plumbing and heating locations will help. For a ‘cool’ aspect consider IKEA kitchen cabinets and modern furnishings. There are also great opportunities to showcase some artwork on the walls.