Part 2 – 2700 sqft House, New Mexico

2700 sqft House, New Mexico (PDF)
2700 sqft House, New Mexico (JPEG)

  • Adam G

    I must admit, I thought that odd triangular shape was some kind of built-in entertainment center. Or possibly a peculiarly shaped trophy cabinet. Even a fishtank . . . it’s a bit on a par with that cabinet-thing in the opposite corner, next to the fireplace. It’s there, I’m not sure why it’s there, but it’s taking up space.

  • Adam G

    Always the way; you press return and then you think of something you should have said.

    Aren’t the garage windows a security concern? They’re both cut off from the main house; out of sight, out of mind. There isn’t even a point inside the house where you can look out and see what was going on around that corner. If the windows were opened by the occupants, how likely is it that they’d remember to close them again? There’s enough distance and doorways between the garage and the rest of the house that a little noise would go unheard. Okay, they’re visible from the street (I hope) but if there’s a hedge, or come the night, what happens next?

  • Matt Nolette

    I’ll add my two cents for what they’re worth regarding the mysterious hidden lines (single dashed lines). I suspect that is the perimeter of the great room area open to above. That would be a “feature” I’d expect of this level of design. Mr. Brown may have seen the 2nd floor plan?

    Also, I’d like to optimistically suppose that the “strange storage closet” off the guest bath is actually a step in shower. Otherwise, the occupant of Bedroom 2 will need to trek upstairs to prepare in the morning.

    That said:
    1. The kitchen is painfully lacking in function. The island is out of scale and the prep surfaces are too small.

    2. The spare and poor use of windows. Every room only has light on one side. These hallways are going to be like catacombs.

    3. Most importantly, the solar orientation only works if it’s in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Doug Roberts

    I agree that the single dashed lines likely delineate the edges of vaulted ceilings in the front entry and great room.

    In addition to the many other concerns that have been raised, I also don’t like the fact that you can see directly into Bedroom 2 from the front entry.

  • Leo

    My biggest beef here is with the living room. If you are going to have two living rooms, as in the plan, have one open and one more private. In this case, the living room in the front is pretty far from the action and will get little use. As such, if you closed it in, you could use it as a music room or library or some other type of room that requires seclusion.

    Not a great plan, but not the worst that’s been on this site.