Part 2 – Taylor Residence, Calgary – Upper Floor

Part 2 – Taylor Residence, Calgary – Upper Floor (PDF)

  • Louis Pereira

    John – As you say, it is ‘not an insignificant amount of change’, however this plan successfully minimises disruption resulting in a lower cost to renovate and time to complete. Whether you have a big or small budget – those key items always resonates with homeowners.

    I typically avoid placing pocket doors where it is likely to have plumbing near the pocket – In this case W/C pocket door in your ensuite recessed along the wall housing the tub filler in the Guest Bath. Would this work as you’ve shown?

  • Robert Timber

    Nice solution. Mirroring the guest bath to have a common wet wall, and also keeping plumbing out of the exterior wall, is my suggestion.

  • Paul Cameron

    The modest nature of this is well done. I share Louis comment regarding the possible pocket door/plumbing conflict and suggest the w.c. door be a swing type maybe with translucent/frosted glass to permit light into the bathroom. Although, except when in use likely that door would be open.

    One other minor suggestion, laundry tends to attract “stuff” and so it may be worthwhile to trade off some second closet hanging space for a little more space in front of the laundry equipment.

  • John Brown

    Although the original shower was on the outside wall your suggestion is welcome and well placed. You are correct that in a cold climate like Calgary, one should avoid placing waterlines in an outside wall.

  • John Brown

    You have a very keen eye. You are absolutely correct that this would be an impossible detail as I have shown it but I think my graphic error was the orientation of the tub rather than the sliding door. One would typically have the tub filler located on the same wall as the sink and toilet.

  • John Brown

    I like the idea of a translucent swing door although it might get a bit expensive. Your point about the need for extra space in front of the laundry is well taken and losing a bit of the second closet would be a good tradeoff. Thanks.

  • Zeke

    On the subject of laundry paraphernalia: I’m a bit surprised you didn’t suggest a stacking washer/dryer arrangement that would allow that saved spaced to either be used as a small counter for folding clothes, a linen closet. My best guess would be that a counterspace with storage above would be most useful to meet the needs of a laundry space.