Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky

Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky (PDF)

Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky (JPEG)

Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky (Full Symbol Library)

Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky (Demo Plan)

Part 1 – Veals Residence, Kentucky (Site Plan)

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    Happy Canada Day community. Enjoy you’re day off ;)

  • Adam G

    Is it just me, or is the video AWOL?

    Also, is the .pdf related to the rest of the exercise?

  • John Brown

    The video is working in Firefox for me but you are correct that the pdf is wrong. The rest of the docs are correct. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Terri

    John, I’ve installed Firefox, but I still can’t open your design exercise today. Thought it might be an enjoyable end to my Canada Day celebrating…

  • MichaelG

    Without the briefing on the Veals, its a bit tough to get a feel for what there priorities are for the renovation. Is the ensuite important? Is the 2nd bedroom a guest room or a study? Is the living/dinning/kitchen a higher priority than the master bedroom? Hopefully the correct pdf is up before others have a go at this.

    So I took some liberties and did what I would like to live in, with a big budget :)
    The master and the second bedroom face onto the back garden, behind the carport. I think the second bedroom would be better as a study, but maybe they’d prefer it to be a permanent guest bedroom? The second bathroom is basically the existing bathroom modernised, and I turned the 3rd bedroom into a large but efficient ensuite that also contains the washer/dryer. The washer is purposely close to the wetroom shower/bath so. See my comment in the ensuite part 2 discussion the other day. For the window above the vanity, given unlimited budget, I was thinking of changing that to a foot tall window up high almost touching the roof, giving light and ventilation but also privacy. Same with the master bedroom, above the wardrobes. Gets some good southern light into the room, but not too much to turn it into an oven. I also added a window to the wetroom shower/bath that can look onto a private feature garden, and naturally vent out some of the steam.

    The kitchen is in the same spot as before, but open to the living/dining. The street facing wall is now a giant window looking into the front garden, with a low cabinet/millwork piece along the whole wall. I also lined up the sliding glass door off the dining area to be symmetrical to the window on the other side of the room. A silly and unnecessary expense, but I couldn’t resist!


  • MichaelG

    btw, the video is working fine for me using firefox 3.0 on Mac OS 10.5. But the pdf is currently linking to the wwwth from yesterday.

  • John Brown

    I believe that we have resolved the problem with the video. Please let me know if anyone is still having troubles. You may need to refresh your screen to get your computer to clear the old version of the webpage. Sorry for the problems.