Week of April 12, 2009

  • Grace

    John–I’m enjoying the site immensely, but I’m a mac user. Is there any hope for a mac-friendly way to participate in the reconstructions?

  • John Brown

    We are working on tutorials for both platforms. Stay tuned!

  • renie

    wow. . thnks john . .such a good help to me. .

  • John Brown

    For those Mac Users who can’t wait for our tutorial….

    The best freeware drawing program that we can find for the Mac is Paintbrush2.0 It has most of the same features as Microsoft Paint. The main deficiency is that it does not allow the rotation or mirroring of selected elements in the drawing which makes using the symbol library more difficult. On the plus side it allows multiple drawings to be opened simultaneously and you can copy from one file to another. We will be introducing an expanded symbol library as a separate file to compensate.

    Here is one of the locations to download Paintbrush2.0


    There are many other download sites as well. Just google Paintbrush for Mac.

    A tutorial on how to complete the exercises in both Microsoft Paint and Paintbrush2.0 is forthcoming.

  • Grace

    Thank you, John!