Week of March 22, 2009

  • http://our-minergie-house.blogspot.com Ersi

    I do like the cabinetry ideas from Louis and the glass inserts in the bathroom. I’m now very curious to see how the client decides to proceed. Will we get the chance to follow the project?

    There are a few points that I think might make our contributions to future renovation plans, at least in tight spaces, more useful: 1) to have a photo or two of the spaces under consideration, 2) to have the client make an estimate of how much storage space s/he needs and 3) how ‘serious’ a kitchen is needed.

    Thanks for this great site!

  • John Brown

    Good suggestions about future design projects. We will start incorporating some more specific information in the design brief. It will take a week before this shows up.

    At this point, only some of the projects we have done, and will be doing, have been actually completed. Several are previous real projects from our office. Others are speculative. Still others are real projects from other offices. However, we do plan to release images of selected finished projects as well as a video diary of their whole design and construction process in a new feature we will be releasing in the coming weeks.