Week of November 2, 2009

  • Terri

    Thanks for sharing your interesting insights from your China trip with us. It sounds as if there could be a lot of problems with the finishing of those condo tower units. I’m wondering how they can be individually finished, especially in regards to plumbing. Did you happen to see one of these empty shells to know how the utilities are handled between the units?

  • Paul C

    I echo Terri’s thoughts and will add one other specific to the high rise situation. Having so many suites being completed as one offs, I wonder what impact that could have on the safety of these buildings? From a regulatory aspect, (i.e. permitting, inspections, qualified trades people, etc) such an approach seems quite daunting if not perilous.

  • leo

    Hi Everyone


    I will be posting the latest floor plans for our reno in the comments section of the Design Project for Aug 19, 2009.

    Please feel free to throw stones as you wish. As is typical, we have already scaled back considerably some of the things we had considered due to costs.

    John’s description of the developments in China sound pretty chaotic. However, my suspicion is that the Chinese are pretty used to that sort of chaos. Ever been to a busy Chinese market? From an individual standpoint, however, it would be a nice opportunity for someone to be able to custom design their own condo from scratch.

  • Belle

    John I did not check the site last week so today’s report was the first I heard of your mother’s passing. Please accept my sincerest condolences. No matter how old we are, when a parent passes it seems to hit very hard. I am sure your mom was really proud of you and what you are doing.