Week of October 9, 2009

  • James Scott


    Sorry to be so late with my submission but I really tried to wrap my head around the washroom issues. What I’ve tried to accomplish was to create a common shower space (save space) shared by both suites while trying to maintain easy access from the main entry, the living spaces and the bedrooms. And of course adequate privacy. It’s funny how the shared washroom from last weeks WWWTH irked me and here I am somewhat promoting it…oh the hypocrisy.

    The orange represents cabinetry and built-ins throughout. The washer and dryer are still with the water heater. The blue lines represent sliding doors.

    The kitchen, dining and living areas are as open as I can get them. My thinking was what if just a few items of furniture can be removed further modifications to the floor plan and cabinetry would be eliminated. Being that they are both in their 60′s it may be 10, 15 or 20 years before their lifestyle really takes a big shift akin to aging. In the big scheme of things that is not that far along.

    The guest suite (closet) can certainly be altered to flow better but overall I think the plan works.

    I enjoyed this weeks bare knuckle round. To me nothing is more exciting than witnessing one’s intense passions.

    On that note, I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers!

  • Jim Argeropoulos

    I enjoyed the discussion of architectural stylse that took place on Tuesday. I know it isn’t something that is normally a focus for the slow home, but I wouldn’t mind a session to briefly introduce the genres and show some precident photos to illustrate.

  • BradW

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and to those in Canada Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Paul C

    Never too late to post. Spatially it is somewhat straight forward which is one of the features I really like. Interesting approach with the bathroom(s). Would you think that not having a tub would be a concern? Maybe the area shown presently as the shower could be the tub and the hallway beside it could be a walk-thru/roll thru shower. The entry into the master is quite nice although I would suggest borrowing maybe a little bit of that space and moving it into the study.

    Well done and again, never too late.

  • Terri

    John, Having you show the overall “blocking” of many of the plans presented on Wednesday helped me a lot. Thanks!

    James, Better late than never. My only concern with the layout you’ve presented here is that toilet near the front door. Presumably the glass doors are used to incorporate the light throughout. Even if the glass is obscure, I can imagine feeling a little exposed on the throne if someone were to open the front door or enter/exit (especially at night). If the doors are left open during the day to allow light through fully, then the toilet is awfully “out there” in the public domain. Otherwise, I think it makes sense to try and combine the bathrooms somehow.
    Paul also makes a good point regarding the possible extra space for the study.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all!

  • James Scott

    Paul C – Not having a tub seems not to be an issue for the Wolfs. Also if their hope is to be there for the next 20 years, resale values may not be a conccern either.

    Terri – The sliding doors are highlighted in blue for distinction only. The doors could be any colour or material that was suitable. Mind you getting light into the bathrooms may be important if mobility is limited. Power shortages and physical constraints may create a need for ambient light.

    I did just a bit of reading prior to submission and the one site mentioned sitting in a chair and reaching all around you and above you to get the feel of the range of reach. My instincts tell me a sliding door may be best but certainly I would have to rely on someone’s practical experience.

    Thanks for the feedback. One discussion I had with John Brown a few weeks ago was I have no problem if someone has the interest and time to make aterations to my plan. Once on the site I conside them “open source” material.