Week of September 18, 2009

Residential Architect Magazine

Eggleston Farkas Architects

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats on the award John! Really nice article too.

  • BradW

    Hey John – congratulations on the award, well deserved!

    Great to see examples of your work in the magazine article. As well, enjoyed the Eggleston Farkas site. Thanks…

  • Paul C

    Again, congratulations John on the recognition and welcome home. Looking forward to seeing some of the Seattle projects you toured.

    Re: Claire Conroy interview
    “…the swirling cape character from days of yore…” lol

  • Daniel

    Congratulations John. There’s no better place than Seattle to ponder residential architecture. They have a high acceptance rate there for daring modern design across the whole range from single family homes to multi-family to commercial and institutional buildings.

  • James Scott

    John – Kudos on your the recognition of you and your colleagues. Well deserved!

    Another great week and some great input. I always find I need the weekend to come down from The Slow Home high.

    I had a chance to look through the Eggleston Farkas Architects site and it’s very inspiring.

  • Terri

    In case you missed my earlier congrats–again, I congratulate you on your Rising Star award. The Residential Architecture profile shows that you’ve got a history of rising to the various challenges designers can face throughout their careers and being innovative in the process.

    And I’m delighted to be referred to as a “regular” contributor here on SlowHome, among such interesting, thought-provoking and talented individuals. Like James, I find the weekends a bit of a comedown, while I await the next “fix.” Looking forward to your Seattle tours this week.

  • Louis Pereira

    Congratulations to you John and your team! (the recognition is overdue in my opinion – 20 years! Isn’t that like playing in the NHL for that many years and finally getting Rookie-of-the-year honours?…)

    I first learned of HouseBrand about 6 six years ago while working in a large architectural firm. I admired their work and their mission to ‘tailor’ design to suit the modern day homeowner. I was so influenced by their approach to residential design and their business model that i decided to launch my own design studio in 2004.

    Since the start of Slowhome Design School, it has become to me, my weekly dose of exercise to sharpen my design and pragmatic thinking. I’ve even introduced this website to clients – one of which is admittedly ‘hooked’ and who has since developed a convincing understanding of design. The result is a meaningful and effective dialogue between client and consultant.

  • Murray

    Hello John,

    Congratulations on a well-deserved honour.

    If I had my “druthers” I would chose to pursue residential architecture. As a child I was aware that all of my neighbourhood friends’ homes were so similar that none of us ever had to ask where the bathroom was when needed. Even then I believe I understood that something better was possible in the world of residential design.

    This site has allowed me to pursue my fantasy career – offering hands-on design assignments, guest lectures, seminars, etc, as if I really was, in some way, enrolled in an architectural school. Further, the internet allows for my learning from an international group of professionals, amateurs, and dedicated dilettantes like me.

    Thank you John, for your boundless energy – it is obviously your passion. Thank you, too, to all the participants who post, posit and provoke with plans, ideas, links, facts, and arguments.

  • Grace

    Congratulations, John, on a well-deserved award. I look forward to the case studies that you have lined up and to seeing the wonderful designs everyone comes up with.

  • Steven Burns, FAIA

    Congratulations on the well-deserved award John. You should be very proud. Keep up the great work.

  • John Brown

    Thanks to all of you for the nice words. I really enjoy working with you all on this site.

  • Leo


    Congratulations on a well deserved award. Your business model is certainly innovative. I have to say that for our own home, we have gone with a design/builder for similar reasons that you have described. Given the success you’ve had, no doubt we will see more all-in-one firms popping up.

  • Paul C

    I trust things are progressing well on your project and look forward to seeing/hearing more about it.

  • John Brown

    Thanks for the update. I hope you will keep us posted as things progress.

  • Leo

    We have chosen a designer, and we are just starting the design process. It seems so simple here, but reality always seems to throw in some curve balls. There’s nothing that money won’t solve, but when you have a budget, you really have to make some hard decisions about where you’ll get your best bang for the buck. It’s also a tough call to decide when you are fighting the existing plan too much to turn it into what you you envisioned, versus working with the plan to give you something that’s workable, but not perfect.