West Village Townhouse by MADE LLC

  • Paul

    Hi John,
    I had a quick look at this firm’s website. They describe themselves as an “integrated” firm. Meaning that along with design services they have a workshop and provide fabrication. I have seen this approach with other firms and I think that combination can enhance the end result.

    I like you comment regarding how for this time period that’s how the bath space could be used. It implies that in fifty years another solution could be developed. Demonstrates the sustainable nature of this building form. Working within the masonry it can be re-used again and again.

  • John Brown

    You bring up an important aspect of sustainability that is often lost in the wake of all of the techno-fixes.

    Of course technological improvements are important but I believe that we need to start with the fundamentals – orientation, size, location, density and reuse.

    Rehabilitating an existing structure is much more environmentally responsible than building new because you are extending the lifespan of the embodied energy that was used to create the original structure. This is much better than trucking it off to the land fill and using new materials to build a brand new structure.

  • Rhonda

    I really like the feel of this project. It is a nice combination of old and new. The idea of having an old fireplace in the bathroom is great. I would love it!