Part 1 – Wu Cars Residence, California

Part 1 – Wu Cars Residence, California (PDF)
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Part 1 – Wu Cars Residence, California (Full Symbol Library)
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Part 1 – Wu Cars Residence, California – Site Plan (JPEG)

  • Brad W

    I want the main living space along the back of the house and open to the garden. To accomplish this, the study is moved to the front left corner of the house. Other benefits of this KEY move are an enlarged front entry hall and the ability to use the front right bedroom, hall and closet space for bathrooms and laundry.

    The main living space is open except for the back entry into the kitchen where a small wall hides a closet and bench. The back wall of the house has been bumped out slightly and given three beautiful swing out french doors.

    The study could be open to the kitchen but I chose to maintain it as a private space.

    The master provides access to the garden, a spacious vanity with double sinks, a luxurious walkin shower, ample closet space and an integrated laundry area.

    The second bedroom is untouched and a public bathroom is available at the end of the hall.

    The home provides inetrnet access and state of the art audio through out the home as well as on the stone patio. Flat screen LCD TVs are provided in the study and both bedrooms. A theatre system in the living area integrates a retractable screen, projector and concealed speakers with automated lighting and drapery systems to provide a dynamic movie watching experience. A comprehensive security system complete this fully automated home.


  • Louis Pereira

    Nice one Brad! Placing the Study where you have it resolves alot of issues and allows more main living space along the back which is the objective.

    If i was to suggest anything, I would equip the Kitchen a little more and dedicate more seating in the Dining Room to fill-in some of that extra floor space. Having so much room can be both a blessing and a curse.

    The size of the existing house is huge. After scaling the PDF properly, the discovered MB alone is approx. 18′ x 15′+…I could almost fit my Kitchen, Dining and Living Rm. in there!

  • Volker

    I tried to connect the front entrance and the rear of the house – putting the living room into the place of the former kitceh. This way it is possible to extend the living area into the backyard. I added some sliding doors to the yard so the house will get more light.
    The new yard entrance – similar to Brad’s solution – will work fine for entering from the rear and the washer and dryer too.
    The bathroom got a new layout, a bigger tub with a big window, a shower. On the left hand side it could be either some storage space or a place to sit down (similar to the nice bathroom from a couple weeks ago).
    The kitchen and dining moved down to the front – nice morning light and while working in the kitchen you have a nice look who will ring your doorbell.
    Trying to get more light into that long corridor I’d suggest another sliding door idea – leaving the door to the study open will get the max. amount of light into the building and it shortens the corridor. Acutally making the Bedroom 2 almost look like a box that you are running around.


  • Brad W

    Louis – I have always been impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of your submissions on Slow Home so your kudos and comments are appreciated.

  • John Brown

    A very nice plan. I agree with Louis’ comments. My only other concern is the size of the back entry.

  • John Brown


    Interesting variation on the idea that Brad was working with. What rationale would you give for the single bathroom instead of the two requested by the client?

  • Grace

    VERY nice, Brad!

  • Brad W

    John, Louis – I tried to address your concerns with an addition to the back of the house and a pergola connection to the garage. This allows the kitchen to be expanded slightly and the pergola provides some shade and a nice place to put the BBQ.


  • Belle, Toronto

    Brad W – I like your plan a lot, particularly the second drawing with the pergola connecting the garage to the back of the house. Very well thought out!

  • John Brown

    The pergola is a nice idea. It requires a relocation of the door in the garage correct?

  • Brad W

    Yes, I had to relocate the garage door.

    There is no getting around it my suggestions this week require extensive renovations to the house and garage. Normally my approach is to control cost but I broke the bank this week.

  • John Brown

    I think it is good of you to explore solutions that cover a range of costs in these exercises in order to give people an awareness of how broad a range of options is possible for any given set of problems.