Linebox Studio Living Room / Entry Remodel

In the first of three segments, John and Matthew look at the living room and entry spaces of a townhouse remodel by Andrew Reeves of the Ottawa-based architecture firm Linebox Studio.

Today’s Slides:

  • Mikefilcor

    what happened to the stairs leading to the basement?
    how do they access basment now, or is it a seperate unit?

    is the kitchen part of the original struture or an addon?

    thnx Mike

  • Andrew Reeves


    We removed the stair and added a hydraulic assisted floor hatch (over the existing basement stair) that opens against the wall that divides the Kitchen and Dining room.  The basement is just for cold storage and is not access often.  We used a fake return air vent as the handle (once you remove the vent you can left the hatch open).

    Andrew Reeves – Linebox