Linebox Studios Kitchen Remodel

In the second part of our three-part series on an Ottawa townhouse remodel by Linebox Studio, John and Matthew dissect the work done to the home’s kitchen.

Linebox Studio Townhouse Remodel Part 1

Today’s Slides:

  • BradW

    Hi John and Matthew, I really appreciate these design minute case studies.

    Andrew, I noticed a subtle flooring transition – what flooring material did you use in the kitchen? Also, really like the detail in the island and the light fixture above. Nice work.

  • DeborahM

    This is a fascinating case study. What a fabulous, hard-working, kitchen… light and flow and appealing materials combine to create a real luxe feeling. I wish you’d add a 4th segment to allow us to see more of that side garden/rock garden and how it adds to the home’s appeal. I see that you get a slice of it from the dining room.
    Thanks John, Matthew.

  • Srdan Nagy

    Hi John and Matthew,Great example
    I love how those elements along the wall are not designed the same across the whole lenght,but center portion is designed as a niche, the rest of it as a part of the wall…. In large kitchen as this one is it makes central section (together with the island) intimate and functional…ones again a great example….

  • Fin Lumsden

    Hello John and Matthew,
    Been following your Design Minutes and critiques for a while now and love the simple sensible solutions you put forward for complex issues. Love this re-modelling work- as you say a great integration of the old and new with equal weight and respect given to each.

    My only problem with this design is the issue of circulation through the kitchen space. I’m maybe being a touch picky, but that otherwise lovely internal line from front to rear seems to lead both the eye and the person straight through the kitchen working area – the clearance from the wall to the breakfast bar looks a wee bit tight to use as regular access.

    Otherwise a lovely piece of work!

    Kind regards,
    Fin Lumsden, Scotland

  • Andrew Reeves

    We used Vinyl Sheet flooring (one piece) glued down.  The client (Chef) had it in commercial kitchen and liked the look and Durability we liked the simple monolithic look and it was also light weight making the trap door to the basement possible.

  • Matthew North

    Hello Fin – thank you for posting your comment! It is great to hear that your are following us from Scotland – we really appreciate it! Your comment is an interesting one – I wonder if the kitchen could be “flipped” so the work zone of the kitchen was against the other wall and the circulation passed through eh “gathering” area of the eating counter? This would place the kitchen next to the shared wall of the dining room. I will leave this for Andrew to share his thoughts about this as I’m sure there is a reason why it has been organized this way. Hope to see more posts from you in the future!