Location: Front Yard Design

Matthew North takes a look at John and Carina’s front yard, and details some of the decisions that led to its design.

  • Frank

    John or Matthew:

    I am wondering if you could comment on the use of stairs as a primary access versus the provisions for “universal” or “barrier free” access to single family residences. I realize it is not generally a code requirement but one never knows if something will happen to them, a loved one, a friend, coworker, or guest. In most cases there is not enough space to provide a reasonable sloped access say 1:12 sloped access to single family residences. Given the aging population, is this something that is a good idea to design and plan for or better left as a retrofit should the need arise.

  • http://s John Brown


    That is a very good question. The issue you are raising is one of visitability. We have selected your question for this Thursday’s edition of the online workshop in order to discuss further.