New Loft Conversions

John and Matthew answer a question from a viewer unsure about purchasing a unit in a loft conversion development. If you enjoyed this online workshop, you may also like Split-Level Renovation by Housebrand.

  • Paul C
  • Steve in Van


    The open loft concept allows for a smaller bedroom area, so I’d pushed the bedroom “wall” up — I envision open shelving for books and TV about 6′ high, pehaps with a built-in desk, partially enclosing the bedroom. This provides more space for the living area, including dining.

    The only issue I have with J&M’s plans is that the mechanical/laundry closet is right in the bedroom, which I find awkward. I’d do something like the developer did by creating a hall/dressing area.

    Either way, this looks like a very workable space, and the wall of windows is a great advantage. It could be a great place to live!

  • Matthew North

    Steve – your plan looks great! I really like the idea of placing the laundry/ mechanical equipment in the dressing area. I am assuming that there would be some sort of enclosure/ doors to cover it up. I like the idea of the 6 foot high bookcase. When looking at the plan I am imagining how I would furnish it. I think the space in front of the bookcase is perfect for a dining table and the living room grouping would look good next to the kitchen. The addition of the small wall at the end of the island also works well to define the entry and provide some enclosure for the kitchen. Would love to see the plan with furniture!

  • Mid America Mom


    :) Nice place Carol!

    Like the island idea folks. I wanted to add make sure the island is at least 3 1/2 feet from the cabinets (some builders try to get away with 3). I would also add some counter seating.

    Looking to add an after market island/breakfast bar that you can take with you?

    If you are in the US…I came across some nice looking carts in a recent non high end retailer catalog that are available ONLY online. This one is pricey for them but could do the trick ( ). It is counter height, about 4 feet long, and has seating available for 2. The attached picture is the default WHITE but comes in other colors as well.

    Enjoy the experience!
    Mid America Mom

  • Li-Na

    Steve, I really like your plan, especially what you did with the mechanical closet. That part was niggling at me from John and Matthew’s suggestion as well. ;)

    If the doors to the mechanical area could be made to look like the closet doors, it would all blend in, you wouldn’t even suspect there was mechanical stuff in there.

  • Brad W

    Hope all is well at SlowHome…