Mike’s Basement Development – Part 2

John and Matthew discuss their solutions to Mike in Toronto’s basement.

  • Steve in Seattle

    If the door under the stairs is another entrance (or at least needs to be accessible), the plan needs to accommodate.  Here’s my take based on Matthew’s solution.  More info on my last post.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi gang, I like the laundry at the bottom of the stairs for convenience and, as Matthew pointed out, to accommodate a piece of exercise equipment in the rec room. Can the W/D be in a “half cupboard” (lower half) to retain that window? That would also provide a surface for folding. I guess you’d need a small cupboard for detergent etc, but if that window is so critical, could it not be saved?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Steve – can you clarify what the stairs are doing in your plan – do they go “up” in both directions? I’ll look back at your last post too.

  • Steve in Seattle

    Hi Matthew ~ I’ve taken another look at photo and now see it was taken from the main floor, not the basement — that makes much more sense! I’ve revised my plan to use the under-stair area as storage. I’ve also incorporated Elizabeth’s idea below to further open the area at the foot of the stairs. Thanks!

  • Mikefilcor

    Hi Everyone and many thanks for your input, (it’s been driving me crazy);

    funny enough there used to be a 3pce bath at bottom of stairs, incorporating that window, however it had to go! anything and everything was wrong with it, however I thought the location would be handy to serve as the main floor powder as well.

    The biggest problem was getting things up or down the stairs as it was very tight turning with a washroom wall and a railing to contend with.

    The area under the stairs will always be used for storage. But I don’t see any other closet or linen space.
    I would like to store bulky winter clothing, boots etc. in basement. Or perhaps use the side entrance and basement as a mudroom, so maybe closet and storage would be preferred at bottom of stairs. That way any visitors using the bath don’t have to see laundry area.

    Well at least we have established that the rec room should go at the back. Allows for more room and flexible use of space and for any future addition off the back.

    The furnace was located right were you are suggesting, my only concern is the head room in the bath/shower if there are to be any ducts running thru there.

    I think the bath located in center plan will work provided headroom is not an issue.

    The laundry was located at the back south wall and acutally walled in,roughly 5ft x 7ft,  there was a sink under the window. But that “room” took  up too much space, but a laundry closet might be OK.

    I was considering moving the laundry up to 2nd floor where the computer nook is. What do you think? I prefer in the basement just in case of water leaks etc.


  • Mikefilcor

    Just a note, would it be crazy to move the door to the cold room to the bottom of the stairs, as Louis and I were thinking? 

  • Mikefilcor

    Would making the furnace room bigger to include laundry in there be OK?
    I am not crazy about having laundry and furnace togther but just an idea.

  • Matthew North

    I vote to keep the laundry in the basement.

  • Matthew North

    yes…….moving door = crazy.

  • Matthew North

    Do you not like the idea of having the laundry in a closet? Makes sense to me given the space constraints. If you are going to go to all the trouble of finishing your basement and creating functional space, I wouldn’t then go and shove the laundry machines in the mechanical room like an after thought.

  • Matthew North

    Gosh my comment sounds harsh…….I was smiling when I typed it :)

  • Mike

    Matthew; my ideal would be a laundry room, but yes given space limitations a laundry closet is more than fine.

    Like I said I don’t really like the laundry and furnace together anyway.

    OK so now we have narrowed it down to;
    1- rec room at back
    2-laundry closet
    3-laundry in bsmt

    need to confirm ;
    -if headroom and duct work will be OK for bathroom layout
    -location of said laundry closet front or back of house
    (I know where you want it Matthew)

    Matthew no offense taken, I can hear your voice as you type it, besides I need an assertive push (in the right direction)


  • Cynthia

    Elizabeth’s comment makes sense to me.  That’s how we have our washer and dryer set up, a half height cabinet with a work surface on top for sorting and folding.  Works for us.  That leaves space in the rec room for a desk, which just feels less cramped.

  • http://www.thirdstone.ca Louis Pereira

    To roundout the client brief and with some minor adjustments, just wondering if an ever so tiny Kitchen(ette) could work as part of this solution.

  • Matthew North

    Then, if you moved the access door to the other side of the bathroom, you have the potential of a bachelor suite – albeit small. Would need to sneak in a closet somehow. Are they legal in Toronto? That could help off set the cost of the reno.

  • Edna

    This is my suggestion for Mike’s basement.