Montreal Single Family Home Redesign

In this morning’s Slow Home Studio Live Workshop, John and Matthew showed off some of the great redesign ideas submitted by our viewers, as well as their own redesign plan of a single family home in Montreal. If you missed our live broadcast, click on the video player above.

  • Paul C

    John and Matthew,
    Some good chuckle’s and discussion today. Who doesn’t love live TV…”we basically only have a couple of ideas and just keep repeating them…” too funny. The 3D modeling to demonstrate your concept is a great addition and I’m glad you enjoyed the dust bunny see thru vanity. Every time it needs to be cleaned, is an opportunity to change out the rocks. :-) Like I said not everyone’s cup of tea, me included, just fun to look at and think about.

    Regarding your concept, although the glass at the shower and bath door would emphasize transparency I wonder if there might be a bit of a door conflict even though it appears the shower door opens into the shower (if I am reading that correctly) I like how the vanity top seems to continue or slice through the wall.

    I am in the camp that prefers a single point of access from the bedroom with one caveat. That circulation should be discernibly separate from the closet, it should not feel like you are walking past your clothes to get into the bathroom. The reason I prefer it (and yes we had that in our last home) was that it freed up more wall space for the bedroom, made it feel a little cozier, it made double duty of floor space and it provided a little bit of sound and light separation from the bathroom to the sleeping area. This was great for it allowed one person to be able to get ready while not disturbing the other’s sleep. For people who rise or set at different times, it worked very well.

  • Brad W

    Unable to load video…

  • http://s John Brown

    Thanks for the heads-up about this. I will look into it.

  • Frank


    John and Matthew:

    Very interesting design concept. Thinking out of the box. Here are some images of another similar concept I ran across with some photos that in some ways have similar details to the solution proposed by the two of you. The architect refers to the concept as a “bath in a box.” I envision it centered in the lower half of the master suite with passage around both sides. I have included a link to the architects website:

  • JoAnn

    The video still doesn’t load. Looking forward to seeing it.

  • Steve@Slowhome

    Sorry for the video problems Brad and JoAnn.

    I’ve re-uploaded the segment, and it looks like it is loading fine now.

    Take care.


  • Brad W

    Thanks Steve

  • Mid America Mom

    Closet in relation to bath…. I prefer not having to go through one space (bath or closet) to get to another. I also appreciate NON walk in closets more.

    But if I did go that route the closet would be the main entry. The closet space would have the clothes behind doors like Matthew and John showed.

    Mid America Mom

  • http://s John Brown

    Thanks for posting the project. It is a great remodel and an excellent example of what we were talking about in the workshop.