Moraima’s Basement Renovation – Part 1

Moraima from Calgary writes:

“Hello there,

I had the pleasure to attend one of Slow Home Studio seminar couple months ago, so now I am wondering if you can help me in the future renovation of my basement.

The basement is full finished now, but we need an additional space for a studio/office that we need for our kid;s homework and our books, etc.

I had attached the land report to give you an idea of my house.

I would like to discuss with you if you can help me with the addition of the studio in our basement.


  • JJ

    Hi everyone, here is my take on how the project could work. I started by programming the spaces using a hierarchy of use.

    The office is located in the front of the space and studio to the back. This was done so that for everyday computer use could occur in front of any possible studio mess. As studios go, there is often an array of mediums being used, materials, paints etc. and I felt in necessary to minimize circulation through this area.

    I removed the 6′ french door and replaced it with a door window combination. The desk is situated so that while in the office you can see those coming and going and be part of the rest of the basement life while maintaining a sound separation.

    The studio is situated near the back with wrap around desk space and a central work table on rolling casters that allows for a dynamic studio space.

    I have framed out some of the corners to help establish the circulation patterns within the space and to ground each of the two areas.

    I look forward to everyones feedback.



  • Srdan Nagy

    Hi JJ
    I think you have an excellent solution. I would do something along same lines.
    clever furniture layout does help to correct awkward geometry of the space.
    Just one suggestion. I would definitely take advantage of the those leftover corners that are presented as enclosed in your plan.
    You can keep them enclosed on one side to frame the space and open them on the other.
    The wardrobe on the top right of the plan needs different door solution, this one is not ideal.

    again, great job…. :)


  • JJ

    Thanks SN, I thought I would try my hand at a solution instead of just critiquing others work. I look forward to what others have to offer.

  • OBmorales

    Hello all,
    I had a hard time posting comments and graphics.
    I am trying this to see if it goes through and if it does I will try again later

  • Eric S.

    Comment by @OBmorales:disqus

    “Hello Moraima, John and Matthew,

    After reviewing the photographs a lot closer and reading
    comments by J.J and S.N. I decided to post my design sketch.

    As usual there are a lot of assumptions that I had to make;
    I hope Moraima can fill in some of the questions that I have posted on the

    Also I took the space just outside the proposed space, it
    seems to be under utilized and provided a better area for the computer counter
    to go in, it appears that in the picture that has the stair on it, there is evidence
    of a lot natural coming into the space, although a lot of computer spaces are
    dark, a sense of time is good to have as we look at daylight even if it is
    across several spaces.

    J.J. because of the steel column in the closet wall, it
    narrows the space between the two larger spaces so having a counter there,
    would have made a narrow space, although one could go through it it would feel

    There is also part of me that would like to see a picture of
    the existing area and see if that is an option to come into this two spaces.

    Hope to get some feed back.