Murphy Bed Design

John and Matthew look at the latest in Murphy Bed design and how they relate to the Slow Home principle of Practical Sustainability.

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  • Terri

    Great Murphy bed designs–are most of these custom-build or is it possible to purchase some of them as completed units?

  • Trent

    here is a link to a company who sells lots of cool space saving & multi-purpose furniture. I don’t know if they have any dealers in Canada.

    and their website:

  • Mid America Mom

    Murphy’s seem like a nice solution- costly but nice. As for the desk type I have seen where the shelves and desk are on hinges so things do not need to be removed when lowered and they tuck under(well as long as your items are not too high that is). In theory you could also mount a flat screen….

    :) I noticed the 100k house received AIA Best Housing of 2011 award.

    I know the architect was ISA… but from what I had read and seen from their early renderings and blog that the final product seemed to be a collaboration with post green, some with its online community, and the architect. In cases like this I wonder why post green is not listed also as an architect (ok they probably do not have the formal degree but the design may be just as much theirs).

    Mid America Mom

  • Mid America Mom

    Oh make sure that the blogroll is changed from 100k for them. They are moving to the post green site.

    Mid America Mom

  • The Devoted Classicist

    There is a type of Murphy bed that is on a spinal platform that automatically spills out at the base of a vertical cabinet. It is pricey, but offers a space-saving alternative.

  • Li-Na

    Please post links to the companies behind the Murphy beds you presented so I can go and ooh and ahh over them some more! :)

    (Trent, thanks for those links!)

  • Matthew North

    Mid America Mom – yes – we will update the blog roll – too bad about the end of the 100K house blog – it was one of my favorites – but I understand the discussion will continue along at the Post Green site. The new Slow Home website is also nearing completion and we will hopefully (fingers crossed) be releasing it very soon!

  • Travis @ Slow Home Studio

    Resource Furniture (New York) distributes the Italian company Clei’s ingenious furniture:

    An interesting rolling system that The Devoted Classicist was referring to:

    It’s always fun to keep an eye on Apartment Therapy for space saving furniture and small-space design:

  • Terri

    Trent and Travis,
    Thanks for the links!

  • Marilyn

    Cottage Life magazine for April 2011 has a nifty birch bunk bed designed for a small bedroom with numerous storage spaces incorporated into the structure. The top bunk is permanent and the bottom one folds up into the structure as a Murphy bed. See “Hide & Sleep” by Wayne Lennox on their website, however likely one must buy the magazine to get the plans.