New Shower Drain Technology Improves Detailed Bathroom Design

Sometimes in design, little things can make a big difference. Good cases in point are the latest developments in shower drain technology. At long last there are two exciting alternatives that solve some of the biggest detailing problems in bathroom design. Unlike ubiquitous round shower floor drains, square profile drains can be more seamlessly integrated into the rectilinear geometry of a tiled floor. This eliminates the almost possible to avoid problem of odd tile cuts and excessive areas of grout around the drain. Linear drain systems take this one step further by replacing the single point drain with a trough configuration that runs the length of the shower. The advantage is that the linear system only needs to be sloped in one direction rather than in the four required for a single point drain. The result is that there is no longer a limitation on tile size or slab material. To learn more watch the video of John and Matthew discussing the design advantages of these two systems.

Designers showcased in today’s episode:

Infinity Drain
Schluter Systems

  • Srdan Nagy

    John & Matthew,
    nice point made, I agree…Still why do one want to use tiles in the shower. How do you clean grout mold on the floor wall corner? 

    New slim shower trays are great, easy to clean, look fantastic. They are installed into the sub layers of the floor, so they line up with the top surface of the floor…. nice and clean….


  • John Brown

    Good point about shower trays. However, in our practice we find that the standard sizes they come in are too limiting in many situations. Our showers are almost always a custom size that relates best to the geometry of the room. A tile or stone slab floor is really the only way to deal with this kind of design.

    You can minimize grout lines by using large tiles or even custom cut stone slabs on the floor.

  • Sam

    John & Matthew,
    Great points in your video. I recommend you check out  the Wedi shower bases for their solutions to shower problems (including square drains).

  • John Klee

    Agree on the square profile drains