Omer Arbel & Bocci

Terri’s suggestion in last Saturday’s Online Workshop, prompts a discussion on Omer Arbel, creative director of Bocci, and a rundown of their innovative designs. To see Slow Home’s past interview with Omer click on the player below:

  • Terri

    John & Matthew,
    Thanks for the interesting discussion about Omer Arbel’s designs. When you said his name on Saturday, I meant to ask more about him (thanks, Fernando, for doing so!)

    I had no idea when I picked that bench for Li-Na and Stephane that it was designed by a B.C. designer and manufacturer. The story behind his Bocci lights is great–working in a barn and creating the machinery to insert the light stems. And then seeing them clustered around in an establishment where suits are worn is just perfect!

  • Matthew North

    Terri – thanks for your comment – looks like you were intuitively “drawn” to the bench by Omer! Its your highly tuned “Slow Homer” eye!

  • TomE

    Great video. I would love to have seen the process of producing the holes through the glass balls. I find the process of making art and objects as ineresting as the end result. Good stuff.

  • Michael Boland

    Good interview. I always wondered how the get the holes in the Bocci balls. I actually had the pleasure of photographing various projects for both Omer and Bocci over the years and it’s been amazing to watch him guide Bocci to the level of success that it currently enjoys and deserves.

  • Tue Kappel

    This guy is HOT!