On Location – Media Wall Details

In the lower level of our recently completed case study house, we had to compose a wall to house a see through fireplace, a large TV and the media components. One side of this wall faces our media room and the other side faces the guest room.

We decided to create a composition on the media wall side using a limestone tile and drywall. We set the see-through fireplace down and to left of the TV. The TV has been placed so it is centered in the media room, but off set in the overall composition. We tucked the media components into a tall, thin cabinet around the corner from the TV and fireplace to minimize the detailing on the face of the wall. Around the corner in the guest room, the see through fireplace is more simply detailed with a drywall return making the limestone tile look set into the thickness of the wall.

Today’s Slides:

  • Clem

    Thanks for showing the details.  With the limestone wrapping around corners and being inset into the drywall the compositions have a wonderful 3 dimensional organization.  Do you have any favorite rules for the non-symetric arrangements or do you create a design and modify it till you are satisfied?  Your plans must be quite detailed and include frequent site visits.  It looks like the same limestone is used for the fireplaces and the master bath.  Is it?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Clem – great questions – thanks for posting. We really don’t have rules per say about how to make a non symmetrical design other than that we try to create a composition that is simple, balanced and visually calming. Usually we try to have a limited number of materials – like drywall, stone and millwork in this case, and then try to have them interlock in a simple, three dimensional way. The plans show a general framing layout, but we really use our 3D models in Sketch Up to create and refine the designs and then use these 3D renderings to communicate the intent to the trades people on site. The limestone on the fireplaces is different than the limestone in the en-suite bathroom – similar colors but the en-suite floor is less figured than the fireplaces.