On Location – Frameless Glass Guard Rails

For the exterior guards off the front deck of our recently completed case study house, we have used frameless glass panels secured by a row bottom mounted stand-off posts. This detail maximizes the view because there are no intermediate posts nor are there any top rails that will obscure the sight lines.

The panels are made out of laminated glass, which simply means that there are two thinner pieces of glass with a clear plastic film in between them to give them added strength. They have been detailed to extend past the edge of the deck and are mounted to the deck structure at the bottom using a series of round fasteners. These fasteners are installed into structural blocking which has been put into place behind the cedar finish of the deck edge.

There is an intentional gap of space left between the glass panels as well as space between the fasteners, the glass and the edge of the deck. This makes cleaning easier because it allows any rain, snow or debris to pass and not get trapped between the panels and the edge of the deck.

Today’s Slides:

  • Gary

    I am wondering if the requirement isn’t for Tempered glass..rather than laminated. we are in Ontario and would like to use this system. Are these mogg fasteners?

  • shirley

    would you please advice where I can source this product. I’m in Ontario. Thanks

  • http://www.bluechipexterminating.com/ Cristy Rodcliff

    I wanted to have this kind of glass panel in my bathroom but I am scared for kids.

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