Paul McKean Interview

John and Matthew interview Paul McKean of Paul McKean Architecture LLC, about some of his projects and how his design philosophy influenced their construction. To check out Paul McKean Architecture’s website visit:

  • Robert Bierma

    I live in the Portland area and was wondering who he got to powder coat the stairs onsite?

  • TomE

    For the DIY’ers you can do powder coating at home with a kit from Eastwood
    John, I see they offer a kit with an infra red light,
    This may be the process of doing the stair railing insitu, if not fill us in on the offline talk.

  • Steve in Van

    Thanks for this indepth discussion about a relatively small handful of reno details. As a design hobbyist rather than a professional, I’m still learning to see through the plan and materials to the intricate beauty of finely designed and crafted detailing, as discussed today. It’s getting past the impression of the space to understanding how it works and is put together. Thanks for this helpful lesson.

    But don’t blame me for getting caught up in Paul’s big ideas, too! I love the openness of his plans (eg. Neal Creek, Kennard), his contemporary take on the Pacific NW modernist tradition, and his attention to green building design. All of these would also make good interview topics.

    Bonus: Plans and more close-up pics of Paul’s Neal Creek residence…

  • Paul McKean

    Hi Robert,

    The painting contractor was Bernard Painting here in Portland. I would be happy to answer any other sourcing questions that anyone might have.

    Thanks, Paul