Pennsylvania Home Design Project – Part 4

John and Matthew conclude their look at Nancy & Sam’s home.

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  • Nancy & Sam

    John, Matthew, Srdan, Oscar, Terri, Theresa, Brad, Meiny, SK, et al, 

    Thanks to everyone for their input! We got lots of good ideas and, in particular, good “common sense” prioritization criteria. It is too easy to be seduced with all the wonderful choices, spend more than is reasonable given the situation, and lose the historic architectural soul of the house. We value your time and the sharing of your perspectives. We have a clearer understanding of the balance of possibilities and practicalities.

    This has been an amazing experience available nowhere else but SlowHome.

    Nancy & Sam

  • Lynda

    Hi Nancy & Sam – My husband and I are considering buying a Phil Hallock home (that is definitely in need of repair), and as we were trying to find out more information, we stumbled upon this website!  I’m not sure if you will see this post, but we have lots of questions!  Feel free to post here if you see this message or send me an email at lrh144 at yahoo dot com!