Powder Rooms in Townhouses

In response to a comment made by Susan on our Facebook Fan Page, John and Matthew discuss powder room design in townhouses.

  • Terri

    Good discussion of the often-maligned powder room on main floor of a townhouse. ;)

    Matthew, I’ve noted your design lingo for future reference: from now on I’ll try to avoid the “carbuncle” in my redesign plans for Slow Home!

  • Matthew North

    Hi Terri – I latch on to at least one crazy word in every episode……seems like carbuncle is today’s trending description. I didn’t know how to spell it until I read your post!

  • Terri

    I wasn’t sure I even spelled carbuncle right, so I just checked…you’ll love this, I’m sure…The actual definition (in the form as you used it): “a painful local purulent inflammation of the skin and deeper tissues with multiple openings for the discharge of pus and usu. necrosis and sloughing dead tissue.” Wow! I think maybe you nailed it when you described that crowded little powder room/pantry bump in that plan, don’t you? I mean, it is “painful” with “multiple openings”… :)