Shannon’s Outdoor Space Problem – Part 1

Shannon from Calgary comes to John and Matthew with a problem with the outdoor space on her home.

“Hi John and Matthew,

My husband and I are in the process of designing our landscape plan for our new home. Although we live in suburbia, our aesthetic is quite modern and we would love to continue the feel of our interior space to our exterior. We want areas for lounging, enjoying the sun and entertaining but also have 2 young boys so need ample room for playing/roughhousing and waterfights

We have a large pie lot and would like some feedback on the best way to approach the design of an odd shaped lot. Here is what we have come up with so far but any advice you could give, especially in terms of materials for edging/decking/plantings would be much appreciated!

Shannon & Andrew”

What do you think?

  • Bradw

    A couple of points…

    1. Rather than the useless and seemingly unrelated topographical view can we get a landscape drawing?

    2. It is difficult to comment on landscaping without some knowledge of trees etc.

    3. Basically, there just is not enough information given to really be helpful beyond what you likely already know – the property is overlooked on all sides except the far corner so some trees would be nice – the deck is too small, consider rebuilding a multi level deck incorporating an dining and bbq space on the upper level and a lounge space, hot tub pergola and bar on the lower level, screening will be important for privacy on both deck levels

    4. As an option, consider building a walkout from the basement. The main floor appears to be about 4′ above grade so you could excavate down the additional 5′ to create basement access. Landscape with armour stone progressively set back and stone slab stairs. Incorporate into lower level deck. 

    5. Maybe you can get Paul Lafrance and his Decked Out crew to rescue your backyard. Check out the casting call. Beware you might end up with a large circular pergola :)

  • obmorales

    Hello John and Mathew,
    I have been trying to figure out which lot is the one in question on the areal picture, but can’t figure it out.
    One of the photos show a long view to what could be across a body of water. A first floor (or floor plans could help on making design decisions.

    The pictures are representative of a new development, with few trees, and although there is a long view out will that be a permanent view? Hope that we can see a plan with either, sight lines, future landscape and if more development will occur.