Slow Home Studio Live – MDF Alternatives

For those of you who were unable to join us LIVE for our workshop this morning, click on the player below to see John and Matthew’s discuss a viewer-submitted alternatives to MDF.

Sustainable Materials


For more information on Bamboo:
Lamboo (Laminated Bamboo Manufacturer)
Henry Built


For more information on Plyboo:
Smith & Fong’s Plyboo


For more information on Wheatboard:
Kirei Wheatboard


Manipulated Material

For more information on Wheatboard:
Kirei Wheatboard

Echo Wood

Reused Materials

Reclaimed Wood

Second Wind Timber

schubLaden Design

Third Party Verification Organizations

Forestry Stewardship Council Canada
Sustainable Forestry Initiative

To view the Tyee’s editorial on third party verification organizations click here.

Be sure and tune in tomorrow to see our introduction to this week’s Design Project. We are going to be working on the design of a master bedroom and bathroom renovation to a 1971 bungalow in Toronto.

  • Mid America Mom

    For the application of the wall CAP – painted/lacquered I would have gone with the more friendly MDF product.

    And if wood look was desired and budget allowed I would encourage the reclaimed woods. Great recycle and history in one. Here is the company that fished logs out of Lake Superior in the States (that received so much attention in the 90′s) –

    Mid America Mom