Small Bathroom Design Ideas

In today’s episode Matthew uses past housebrand projects to demonstrate how to remodel small bathrooms.

  • Steve in Van

    For saving space in the bathroom, a wall-hung toilet would seem to be an obvious choice.  In addition to sitting as much as 9″ inches closer to the wall, they free up visual space below (thus more open), they’re much more attractive (IMO), and have less surface area to clean.  Tank-less electric models are pricey, but the Toto Aquia toilet with in-wall tank system runs about $500.  Thoughts? 

  • Matthew North

    Steve – wall hung toilets are great! The main barriers are cost and installation. Duravit makes great wall hung toilets but they are expensive and the tank needs to be installed between the studs behind the drywall. In a remodel, you need to make sure you don’t have any HVAC, plumbing or electrical runs behind where your toilet is located. It also cannot be a party or fire wall in a multi family building. Installing them requires the drywall to be removed and the framing adjusted to support the toliet behind the wall….I think we should do a future episode on wall hung toilets!

  • Li-Na

    I’m not sure if this is a daft question but it’s the first one that pops into my head whenever I come across wall-hung toilets.

    Do they work like normal toilets that have the usual bits in the tank? What happens if you need to fix a broken part? Do you have to remove the drywall?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Li-Na - 

    Here is an image of the part of the wall hung toilet that is buried in the studs.
    There is an access panel just above the toilet to get access to the hidden section. The access panel is incorporated into the wall mounted flush mechanism.Make sense?You can subtly see the flush mechanism above the toilet in this image – that is also the access panel to the part behind the drywall.