Staircase Redesign Case Study Part 2

In the conclusion to our case study we reveal the solution that we came up with to create a functional staircase to the third floor loft space in this remodeled 1920′s inner city house. The trick with the redesign was to relocate the stair to the center of the plan to take advantage of the headroom clearance in the center of the upper loft attic space. Because of the pitch of the roof, if the stair was located along the edge of the house (or on top of the existing stair to the main floor) it would require a complicated landing, turn condition or dormer detail to make the head room clearance work properly.

In addition, due to the narrowness of the house and the need to fit three bedrooms and two full baths on the second floor, the design had to be worked out to the inch, meaning that we had to design a very slim drywall guard and minimize the overall width of the stair itself.

Today’s Slides:

  • BradW

    Well I can honestly say I did not see that coming. I was in the dormer camp. The solution presented here for the stairs and the second floor layout is simply another great example. I really like how the loft space is open above the second floor hall and main floor stairs. The central back to back washrooms keeps the plumbing costs down and the bedrooms on the walls with natural light. A glass stair guard/wall would have been interesting to no doubt a budget buster.

  • Louis Pereira

    Wow, great solution!  I love the new layout of the 2nd floor. 

    You could even resize the Master Bedroom and have the corridor continue through to the balcony.  This way everyone can use the balcony without walking through a private room.

  • Steph

    Was the idea of a spiral staircase ever in the running? What’s your take on spiral staircases in general?

  • Matthew North

    Hi Steph…..great question! We tried all sorts of options at the beginning but not a spiral staircase because the diameter required was too wide for the reconfigured floor plan. We were really tight on space – and again a spiral stair would need to go in the center of the plan to make the head room clearance.

  • Matthew North

    Hi Louis – somehow I have missed seeing all these posts…..I am just catching up now – I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Your plan modification is great! Didn’t think about that at all…….the area where you have the additional storage down the hall could also fit a small study desk. Trade off a smaller bedroom for a study space and a universal access deck……great idea. Thanks for posting.