Granite and Stainless Steel– Giving the Illusion of Value in Kitchen Design

Is there a new home or condominium project on the market right now that doesn’t have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances prominently featured in the sales brochure? Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly no inherent problems or flaws with either product. In fact they’re used by many of the best architects and designers to create beautiful, functional kitchens. Unfortunately, however, in too many other situations granite and stainless steel have been reduced to little more than marketing devices meant to give only the illusion of value and design quality. They’re used to distract the homebuyer and mask over the careless layout and detailing of the kitchen as a whole.

Learn more about this fast house problem by watching John and Matthew analyze two badly designed granite and stainless steel kitchens.

Today’s Slides:

  • Louise

    Seems to be a technical problem on today’s lesson.  The title is new, but the video is a repeat of Friday’s.

  • Frances GF

    Louise the video ran fine for me, or it has been fixed.
    You should try again. It is a great topic, sometimes the granite is all you see in a new kitchen! Do you ever get the feeling if everyone wants the same thing maybe it is not the thing you want? Makes me think a nice solid surface material maybe a good alternative. Also, to echo John and Matthew, i think the materials should compliment a good design not be there inplace of good design!

  • Terri

    Hi Frances GF,
    I couldn’t agree with you more on your comment: “Do you ever get the feeling if everyone wants the same thing maybe it is not the thing you want?” I am so sick of “design” shows on TV that feature new homeowners who have hissy fits over the absence of granite. Where is it written that your life will be improved with a granite countertop, anyway? They’re not without their costs (not just for installation). I And stainless steel requires due diligence to keep it perfectly gleaming. These high-maintenance features are not the epitome of a good life, IMO. A good design will trump costly materials any day.

  • Elizabeth

    Yay! Finally a mention against the “Must Have Granite!” sensibility that now just looks so generic. Many home redesign TV shows (the “Oh My God!” shows) start with design flaws obviously but always ends up looking identical to every “reveal” in the past three years. Personally, I think granite looks like a square out of your driveway, only varnished. I know this Minute is about design and not granite itself, but I feel very liberated that I have no need of the stuff! Good design trumps expensive materials every time!