The Lofts at Cherokee Studios

The Lofts at Cherokee Studios by REThink Development and Pugh + Scarpa Architects, Slow Home Award Winner in the category of “Best Apartment / Loft Design – Los Angeles”.

  • S.N.

    Hi all
    First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Instead of traditional greetings here are my new year resolutions (not the teal ones) :)

    _I will remodel my single-sided-kitchen
    _I will encourage (and force if i have to) my parents to remodel their corner fireplace
    _I will continue making renders for the slow home workshops
    _I will improve my kitchen triangle
    _I will change the entrance to the bathroom so it is not visible from the dining room :)

    Hope you agree these are good resolutions! :)

    Can’t wait for new online workshop and new videos



  • John

    Hi S.N.
    Happy new year to you too and to all slow home viewers.

    I like your resolutions, particularly the one about continuing to make those great renders for the Saturday design projects. I look forward to a new year of exercises as well. We have a few new ideas up our sleeve!

  • Frances GF

    Hello SN

    I love your renovation resolutions! Just today a neighbour saw the work we have done on our kitchen, and she is excited to let the original owners know the house is being updated and loved by a new family.

    I also have to second John’s statement, your computer renderings are a real treat! Thank you, even the teenagers are impressed.

    Happy New Year.