Townhouse Design Question Part 2

In part 2 of this 4 part series, John and Matthew show Linda what could be done to the kitchen space of a townhouse she is looking to buy.

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  • Steve in Van

    An alternative would be to place the kitchen in the center of the plan, like many we’ve seen elsewhere, to provide for an even longer counter and a full wall of storage in the dining room.  A bar-height snack counter would help shield the view to the kitchen sink from the entry and living area, and a counter-depth frig would save some circulation space.  Here’s a rough idea …

  • Matthew North

    Hi Steve – your suggestion is excellent and makes a great use of the overall floor plan and eliminates the wasted space issue to the left of the dining room. In Linda’s case, this would be a major change because it requires a re-location of the plumbing and the developer may not be able to do this if construction drawings are issued, permits are already in place etc. etc. Any suggestions you can think of to improve the plan and eliminate the wasted space without moving the plumbing? 

  • Mikefilcor

    How about extending the island to make it a peninsula, thus not moving any plumbing and gaing extra counter space.
    Only consideration would be the position of the door to deck

  • Bradw

    Extending the island disrupts the symmetry of the dining room bay. I would pass on this half-baked idea.