Townhouse Design Question Part 4

We’ve seen what John and Matthew would do to improve the layout of Linda’s potential townhouse, but how feasible is it to actually approach a developer and request these changes?

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  • Jim Argeropoulos

    Doesn’t the fact that the garage is on the same level cause issues. I was under the impression that a garage should be at least a step lower than living space to keep gases from entering the living space.

  • John Brown

    Hi Jim,
    It isn’t clear from the floor plans on the developer’s website whether there is a level change with the garage or not. If so, the floor could be easily built up in the reclaimed space to match the level of the interior. It is good practice to have a height difference between an attached garage and the interior living space but the primary defenses against fume infiltration are a self closing sealed door and maintaining a positive pressure in the house.