Turning a Calgary Apartment into a Slow Home – Part 1

With Matthew away on vacation, John presents the first in a series of Design Minutes dedicated to the home of Jodie, a Design Minute fan. Today John briefly details the current state of Jodie’s Calgary apartment, and in the coming days will show how she can turn it into a Slow Home.

  • Frances GF

    This 470 sq. ft. apartment has to perform many functions! It sounds like the studio needs the separation from the living space, she has given up her bedroom, therefore I assume it will remain where it is.

    We have seen many examples of murphy beds, and I think this would be an ideal situation to use one of these beds.

    There is wasted space between the kitchen island and the entry hall and the island is of course too close to the opposite counter.

    Can’t wait to see how this small space can be transformed!

  • Jodie

    Hello Frances

    The good news is I will be moving the majority of my studio space out of my living space and to a separate off site location. This will free up some space.

  • Oscar B. Morales


    It would be nice to get more program information, for instance;
    - Is there a need for overnight guests?
    - I see that Jodie is moving the studio out of the unit, however should the unit be designed so that there could be part of it used as an impromptu studio for inclement weather or all nighters; by the way what kind of studio is it?
    - All the clutter on the photos is it going with the studio or are you looking for a place for them to be stored out of sight in your studio?
    - Is the desire to be able to have a flexible space that can be converted back and forth for sleeping, living, impromptu studio and to perhaps entertain a larger crowd and if so how large of a crowd.

    Hope to hear what your thoughts are about your future space.


  • Jodie

    Hello Oscar,

    Thank you for your questions
    1 – I rarely have out of town guests but one of my chairs does fold out to a twin sized bed

    2 – I am a fibre and textile artist however like most artists have a lot of supplies and work in a variety of medium. I wil still have a home studio space just nothing to the size it is now

    3 – I will be looking for storage solutions as some of the clutter will be going to the new studio and the rest staying. A cupboard or millwork with doors to hide things behind would help

    4 – When I entertain it is only with 2 or 3 people

    Hope that helps