Understanding Composite Decking Materials

John and Matthew discuss composite deck materials currently on the market and which ones they believe comply with the ideals of Practical Sustainability.

For more information on the Trex Decking materials seen in today’s video visit: www.trex.com

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  • Anonymous

    Would you recommend trex for siding?

    I see many projects with horizontal “wood siding” what are they using, how are they fastened and what substrate is required?

    I like the idea of Trex for siding for its low maintenance. I have seen some wood siding projects that don’t look too good after a short while.



  • Mid America Mom

    Composite decks however have issues. Two come to mind.

    1. Homeowners should be aware that they are NOT maintenance free and will show their age.

    Fading by the sun, you do need to clean it (power washing), slippery, stains happen and evidently expected (looking at the timbertech product care info is like looking at laundry instructions: for BBQ, Ketchup, Mustard, Jelly and Jam use Krud Cutter ((claims to be a gentle cleaner but still- it is chemicals)).), scratches occur, now it is plastic which reacts to heat so I wonder how tight it keeps….

    2. Green in that is from another dis guarded material. BUT most likely not biodegradable or recyclable unlike the real thing.

    In my mind- go for permeable pavers (the middle of this 100k house blog has a bit on them- http://www.100khouse.com/2010/12/08/permeable-pavement-options-for-leed-projects/).

    Mid America Mom

  • Brad W

    A couple of comments –

    Decks, regardless of material, have a relatively short life span. Careful construction and regular maintenance will prolong life but nature is a cruel mistress.

    Ideally, siding is installed with an air gap behind it. The air gap provides the necessary ventilation to keep the siding dry. If siding is looking bad after a few years it undoubtedly has been incorrectly installed.