Dining Room Design Details for a Westchester County Remodel

Earlier in the week we reviewed the proposed remodel plans for the main floor of David’s house in Westchester County New York. Although we thought that most of the plan was well designed, we did have a concern about the dining space in the back of the house adjacent to the kitchen. Matthew called it a “registration problem” and basically this means that there was a conflict between the most logical placement for the table and the spatial definition of the dining area. To illustrate how to avoid this problem we reviewed the design of a similar remodel project that we had completed several years ago.

  • Konkinsa

    Thank you for defining “registration”  and in your explanation I have realized that that is the problem with with my dining/living room spaces. We have short half walls to define spaces yet there is not enough wall to furnish these rooms logically. I’m constantly thinking is putting walls in the answer or is it the removal of these half walls the answer.  Argh.  

  • John Brown

    Hi Konkinsa,

    I can picture those half walls right now. They continue to be a very popular fast house “design feature”. Fortunately, they aren’t that difficult to remove. The only substantive issue is repairing the floor.

  • Louise

    My concern about David’s house is that the removal of the walls between the dining room and the familiy room doesn’t completely eliminate the boundaries between the two rooms.  Because the famly room widens out at some point, you still have a sense of division.