Wall Hung Toilets

Common in Europe for many years, wall hung toilets are not a standard bathroom specification in North America. Two common misunderstandings about the wall hung toilet is that difficult to install or service and that they are very expensive. Neither of these is true.

There are several manufacturers of wall hung toilets, they are ideally suited to small space bathrooms and if detailed properly, can contribute to a very streamlined look.

Wall hung toilets have a tall and narrow tank component that is installed between the studs before the drywall stage of construction. Proper structural blocking is critical to give the wall hung toilet the required stability. The toilet bowl is then installed after tile work is complete and access to the tank for any service is through the flush panel, which is mounted on the wall behind the bowl.

In terms of cost, they can range up to $1,300 but after a quick internet check we found several Duravit models on sale for approximately $300 for the bowl and $300 for the wall tank, making them a viable alternative to a standard toilet.

Today’s Slides:

  • Steve in Van

    I love the clean, minimal look of wall-hung toilets, in addition to the benefits to hygiene (less surface area) and convenience (cleaning).  Check me on this, but I would think an application as in this pic also makes it an option for an exterior wall.  This is from a Roger Karuth prefab.

  • Dh

    One issue is you need 2×6 studs in order to fit the carrier.