Westchester County Renovation Question Part 2

John and Matthew offer David in Westchester County, advice on what he can do to improve his home renovation project.

Pictures and Video of David’s New York Home:

  • David

    Thank you John and Matt. I’m happy to learn we found a home with good bones and also happy to hear that we aren’t messing things up! 

    Unfortunately I cannot add the post you suggested because it turns out the air return is being rerouted into that space. One silver lining might be that it is extending the wall between the center hall and family room, mirroring the slider we are planning to move more toward the center of the south wall (they will both be about six feet) and helping to define that dining area. For circulation purposes we can make the seating in the family room more intimate with chairs and a loveseat rather than a full blown sectional.

    I think you guys are doing a great public service, please keep it up. I’ll check back in when the refurbish (it feels like that more than a remodel) is complete.

  • David

    One quick question, Matthew, what do you mean by “registration issues?” Just curious. Thanks again! 

  • BradW

    It is too late now but I would have shifted the kitchen to the left in the plan thereby creating space for the mud room / laundry room and eliminating the troublesome eating nook / dining room. The dining room would instead be perfect in front of the fireplace and the new sliding doors.