Calgary Bungalow Redesign Brief

John and Matthew give a design brief on a project they took on with their design firm, housebrand. Tune in tomorrow to see how they renovated this home! If you’d like to try your hand at redesigning this bungalow use the resources below:

Design Materials

Calgary Bungalow – PDF
Calgary Bungalow – Existing
Calgary Bungalow – Demo
Calgary Bungalow – Full Symbol Library

  • Frances GF


    The major change has been to swap the kitchen and dining spaces. I prefer the larger space for the kitchen although this may have been too costly as Matthew did mention the budget.

    A full bath was added, with young children a tub is necessary. I also added a five foot closet in the north east bedroom.

    This will be a family of early risers as the children’s face east.

  • Anonymous

    if i wasn’t afraid of flying … i would be jealous with all the jet-setting you guys do!

    am i correct that some of the photos are of the cellar/basement level?

  • http://deleted S.N.


    I have missed last workshop so I made an additional effort on this one.
    There are some interesting details in my plan so I did some quick renders, because it is easier to show them to you in that way. That is why I will not discuss all of the details in writing.

    Frances GF did a great job with the bathroom, so I copied her idea, and did minor changes.
    Hope you like it :)


  • Frances GF

    SN, Love your front entry fireplace/closet it really opens up the entry while still providing the separation.

    Thanks for your kind words but I think your bathroom layout is a definate improvement.

    Your 3D renditions are spectacular, the kitchen detail is especial appealing.

    Ho Ho Ho!

  • Brad W


    My attempt – the stairs are truly the elephant – wish I could think of something better for the bath – looking forward to seeing other solutions

  • Brad W


    OK in my solution a wall was missing between the bath and the bedroom – I remember drawing a wall but my computer does not…

    SN – I see Santa has been caught in the act!

  • Brad W

    3 plans – 3 kitchen locations

    I think after seeing the plans leaving the kitchen in place as SN has done is the best solution allowing money to be spent on finishes and details.

  • S.N.

    Hi all
    Thank you for the kind comments
    It is shame that living room in your plan is too narrow. You could try to place a large rectangular bay window/extension on the wall where you have sofa. Then rotate the furniture by 180 degrees and place some of them in the bay window. That may help.

    P.S. Santa is happy because he did not enter this lovely slow home trough the fireplace set on 45 degree angle to the room. :o))

  • Steve in Van


    I’m very interested to see how J&M deal with the kitchen. I’ve inserted a 6’8″ high piece of millwork to house the frig and pantry and screen the kitchen from the front door, but it’s still awkward (and too open for me). It might be better to pull the millwork all the way across and provide entry to the kitchen only from the dining area. Hmmm…

    In addition to opening the stairs to the living area, I’ve added two long windows high in the southern wall. The coat closet has also been pulled out to create a more spacious entry, and a display counter wraps around it, ending in bookshelves. It seemed to need a little more interest.