Completed Concept Design – Cummings Bristol Residence, British Columbia

Completed Concept Design - Cummings Bristol Residence (JPEG)Completed Concept Design – Cummings Bristol Residence, British Columbia (PDF)

  • Louis Pereira

    Just wondered perhaps if this could be a consideration…


  • Louis Pereira

    …In fact i would go with the pocket door into the Guest/Study in order to maintain a continuous wall of glazing (yellow)


  • Michael Julien

    I love the reorganization of the space. However, I would delete the wall separating the living room from the study and perhaps used one or two indoor plants to suggest a subtle transitioning between the living room and the study area. this would open up the views from the kitchen and the small dining table toward the glazed front wall and heighten the visual/spacial freedom of the residence.

    Finally, I strongly suggest having one couch instead of an L-shaped unit as well as the elimination of the coffee table in favour of stackable (hide-away) side stables in such small spaces!

    Michael Julien, Grenada, West Indies

  • John Brown

    Thank you for the two suggestions. They help to clarify the scheme substantially.

  • John Brown

    First off, welcome to the site. It is nice to hear from someone from your part of the world.

    I like your idea of reducing the distinction between the living room and study even further. One consideration that the clients would have to think about is economic not architectural. At this point it is a 2 bedroom unit of a particular size. In Canada, the value of a 1 bedroom unit of the same size is typically less – even though the quality of that unit (and the size of each of the rooms) is greater. Depending on the long term goals of the client and their expected tenure in the house this may or may not play a role in their decision.