Part 2 – 1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Tennessee

1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Tennessee (PDF)
1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Tennessee (JPG)
1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Tennessee (Demo PDF)
1600 sqft 3 Bedroom Bungalow, Tennessee (Demo JPG)

  • BradW


    Here is the reworked bungalow. The main change involves adding a side entrance.

  • BradW

    One further change to my submission above would be to enlarge the front dining room window.

  • Jim X


    Hi John

    Here is my remodel.

    I didn’t like the closet in the master bath, so I did some extra demolition and expanded the second bedroom, changed the master bathroom and put the closet along the west wall.
    I also moved the front entrance.
    I think the windows along the east side should become a series of square windows for example although that is not indicated in my floor plan.

    Fixing faults is damn hard.

    Jim X

  • MichaelG


    Heres my attempt.
    For this, my concept was how to build this house correctly in the first place, taking the same basic philosophy, but reworking it into something slower and nicer.
    So I was able to take a few more liberties, like moving the garage to where it should be and changing the windows an awful lot.

    The house now house a real entrance, with a small closet sharing millwork with the fridge, part of the kitchen now placed on the south side of the house, where the living room used to be. The window here will be changed. The living/dining/kitchen is now one big space.
    I’ve slightly modified the bedroom 2/3, hall and bathroom area, placing the washer/dryer in a much smaller stack facing the hall, shifting bedroom two towards the north (and moving the the robe) to make the bathroom a little larger and less crowded.
    The master bedroom is remodeled, and the the rear entrance is covered by an awning to the garage entrance.
    The windows on the west side of the house in bedroom 1 and 2 would be foot high, along the ceiling, giving light and ventilation, but also privacy. It would also be visually interesting in bedroom 1 as it extends into the en-suite.

  • jim baer



    thanks for the side door idea. i don’t know if i would have thought of it, but it gave me reasons for organizing things. i just wish the kitchen was closer to the patio for entertaining.

  • Murray


    I couldn’t do it without moving the door to the side of the house. I reworked the bedrooms, too. Really the whole place needs to be gutted.

  • Murray


    Nothing has changed, I accidently got rid of the fireplace in the previous version.

  • jim baer


    better….i think.

  • Doug Roberts


    In my attempt to make this floorplan slower, I chose to take a slightly different approach by relocating the back door to the west side of the house, instead of on the east side, so that it would not interrupt the kitchen/dining/living areas along the east side of the house. By relocating the master closet to the west wall of the master bedroom and making the second and third bedrooms and master bath a tiny bit smaller, I created space along the west side for a mudroom/laundry area. The entrance to the master bedroom is now off the mudroom hallway, instead of off the living room, to make the master bedroom more private and the living room easier to furnish. I turned the front living room into a formal dining room. I shifted the garage to the west, relocated the existing garage door to the east wall and added a second garage door on the west wall to allow direct access to the new side door. I replaced the living room and master bedroom windows with sliding doors to allow direct access from both rooms to the outdoor living area.