Montreal Design Project Briefing

In today’s Design Project Briefing, we’re taking a look at a floorplan submitted to us from a couple in Montreal. They’d like help redesigning the top floor of their single family home. Use the tools below to try your hand at a redesign, and tune in tomorrow at 9am Mountain (8am Pacific/11am Eastern) to see John and Matthew’s redesign.

Design Materials

Montreal Design Project Briefing – Existing
Montreal Design Project Briefing – Demo
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Montreal Design Project Briefing – PDF

  • Brad W


    Moved the door to the bedroom and the wall separating the bedroom and bathroom in order to create space for a vanity. The toilet and spacious shower are separated by only a single wall of glass to keep an open light filled feeling in the bathroom. The master closet is slightly larger with a more generous entry. In the master bedroom, the bed is placed on the far wall with a view through the large corner windows. Opposite the bed is a custom wall unit housing a contemporary horizontal gas fireplace mounted at bed level with a flat panel TV and sound system above. The remaining space in the wall unit is devoted to bookshelves and storage.

  • Brad W


    Here is the cheaper version of my previous design. The reason – the toilet, shower and walls remain intact (new openings are required but the bedroom ceiling and floor is untouched).

    For inspiration, I have included images showing a vanity composed of a vintage teak console with a quartz stone counter.

  • Terri


    I tried in vain to find an image on the Internet for what I envisioned for a bathroom vanity. I found vanities with similar configurations but none with a window included on either side, so I tried drawing it. It’s not to scale cause I don’t have time for that…Hope it shows up okay. I also found an image for the shower. Slate is optional. ;)

    For the bedroom, lots of millwork which includes (from bath wall to diagonal corner) makeup table, nighttables/headboard, window seat, bookcase. I really can’t spend more time looking for images right now. Maybe later…

  • Terri


    Trying the shower image again.

  • Paul C


    Sadly, I was unable to find time to work on this today. I do like the manner in which both Brad W and Terri have proposed the bath/closet entry as a single access point. I was going to run with that approach as well. In the spirit of images though and just for fun, I post a couple of this rather unusual master bath vanity. Unusual in that one can look through the bowl to a layer of rocks/pebbles below. Not everyone’s cup of tea but what will they think of next…

  • S.N.


    Sorry but this time I don’t have time to do the renders. :(
    So, my idea is to separate the master bedroom in three sections:
    _Bedroom area whit only the bed and a small lounge chair, this is done to create a peaceful and clean space suitable for relaxing.
    _Middle “hall” area connects the bedroom area with services (bathroom and walk in closet). In this space I placed a Floor to ceiling book case should serves as a place to display book collection and a divider between the spaces. As the book case will be open to the bedroom area it will also serve as a funky headboard. I believe is is better to move the book case from the bedroom because is is a large, and visually powerfull peace of furniture, that is not appropriate in the bedroom.
    _third area are the bathroom and a walk in closet. they clean are simple spaces.
    I am not 100% satisfied with this plan, but maybe you have some better idea to correct it…


  • S.N.

    Brad W & Terri
    Good, but there is an issue with entrance to the bathroom, it is a bad thing to enter bathroom trough the wardrobe, specially where there is no door that separates bathroom and wardrobe (think when you shower all the moisture will enter the wardrobe and your clothes… not nice). So make a small vestibule from which you enter the wardrobe and the bathroom, that will solve the problem. There is enough room so it will not be a problem.

  • Frank


    John and Matthew: Sorry for the late post.

    Here is a modification of SN’s plan to allow book storage adjacent to the closet. In addition if the client wanted a writing desk or had a lot of books I included it along the window. The desk could also be replaced with a seating area.

    I also included a window seat in the master bath for seating while dressing. I am not sure of the window heights and whether frosted glass would be used to allow light and provide reasonable privacy.

  • Mid America Mom


    Sorry So late! PC crashed.

    Main thing is moved vanity to under window. Entry door to room down. BAth door is now a hidden door as part of a bookcase unit. I like this revolving bookcase antique for the bedside.

    Mid America Mom

  • Matthew North

    Hello Frank and MAM! Great plans! I am sorry we didn’t see them in time for the broadcast – but we really appreciate the effort in the design!

    Frank – I really like your sketch 3D models – the simplicity really clearly conveys your design ideas. I love the window seat in the master bath.

    MAM – your design presentation boards are great. The entry through the bookshelves is a clever idea and will really add a great quality to the room. I also think your ensuite is really well laid out – the vanity in front of the window is smart and I like how the toilet tucks in behind the door.

  • Terri

    John & Matthew,
    I lost the original feed for the design studio and couldn’t log in to the new chat window as usual, so I didn’t get to respond to a couple of things.

    One, that was a window seat I had drawn in the corner of the bedroom.

    Two, the mirror in my bathroom is a groovy unit I found online yesterday, with a cupboard behind the circular mirror (I couldn’t find the image again after drawing it).

    And three, I like your closet/dressing area with cupboard doors. I did something similar in my last house, with a little less space.

    I do question putting the head of the bed against a plumbing wall…

    M.A.M., I like that bookcase/door unit you found!

  • Mid America Mom

    Thank you Matthew!

    You did not share what their design style was. I think it would be a nice to know so in looking for products or examples so we can meet their needs best.

    Knowing the age a sloping roof sounds more tudor or cottage… so I thought a good bit of millwork would be fine.

    I loved looking for hidden doors on the internet. My husband thinks it is a cool idea for a bedroom. So many ideas and no home to do it in :(

    Mid America Mom

  • Mid America Mom

    Thanks Terri! I would love to see that pic. I Like that vanity has legs.

    OH! I feel a dresser conversion to vanity…,edwadian-secretaire,2356992.html

    Mid America Mom

  • Terri

    Hi M.A.M.,
    I couldn’t draw that vanity very well, but the idea is to have more depth where the sink is and less under the windows so that it’s easier to wash the windows. ;) (Spoken like a house cleaner and not an architect, eh?)

    I agree with you re: style of the homeowner. We’re sort of shooting in the dark here, but the different images are still interesting. I chose modern because…I don’t know, but it seemed that the clean lines in the modern vanities I found yesterday appealed more to me.